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General Interests

A short list of my interests would include: Friends, Ultra Bicycling, Computer Science, Human Language, Education, Sleep, Circadian Effects, Lunch, XEmacs, and trying to figure out who I can sucker into entering information on the 500 or so papers in my bedroom in a computer parseable format.

Perhaps you can discern some of my interests from my bookmarks. I have pointers to a wide variety of junk.

I'm starting to split up some of my bookmarks into seperate topic files, since they are getting rather large. I've just started on some german resources and I'll probably do bicycling and PDAs next.


I have a bunch of photos of UCSD Secret Islandia Club (UCSDSIC) people. Unfortunately, I don't yet have a web page for my many other friends.


I love bicycling, especially longer distance riding. I have writeups from various previous rides and other information.

Hey look ma, the next two paragraphs are really old!

On October 19, 1996 at 7:00AM, I start on a 510 mile bicycle race, called the Furnace Creek 508. I'm hoping to finish the ride within 48 hours. The fast solo riders will finish around 32-36 hours. This race is a qualifying race for RAAM (Race Across AMerica -- 2,900 miles non-stop).

Yes, my friends do think I'm insane, except for the other weirdos who do this stuff. Thankfully I know that I'm not crazy enough to do something like RAAM.

School and Research

I have too many "home" pages:

I'm a first year masters student in the Computer Science and Engineering Department (CSE) at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). I'm associated with the Computer Systems Laboratory (CSL), where my research focuses on operating system abstractions and design.

I no longer put school schedules here, as I rarely kept them up to date.

HTML 3.2 Checked! I have a pgp key available.

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